Verifone MX915 Stands

Verifone MX915 Stands and Mounts

The Verifone MX915 terminal device is one of the most popular POS payment devices on the market.  Whether in a lane or countertop, its space-saving design and powerful features make the MX915 a favorite for handling payment transactions.

There is a secure Verifone MX915 credit card stand for every situation, ranging from:

  • 24-inch pole with extension arms for a flat panel monitor and a MX915 device
  • 7-Inch and 3-inch tall mounts with a back plate crafted specifically to securely mount a MX915 device
  • Fixed angle wedge stand
  • Locking, telescoping pedestal stand
  • Pedestal stands
  • Kits to retrofit existing stands to accommodate the MX915
  • Swivel stands in a variety of base types. features MX915 mounts from leading manufacturers such as ENS and Tailwind.  Questions? Please feel free to CONTACT US...we're here to help.