ADA Stands


ADA Pos Stands Blue-Lever credit card POS reader terminal stands will provide much needed convenience to your customers with disabilities as well as help your business comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

They install in minutes.  Tax credits for your organization may also be available.

Americans With Disability Act Title III
Title III prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in the activities of places of public accommodations (businesses that are generally open to the public and that fall into one of 12 categories listed in the ADA, such as restaurants, movie theaters, schools, day care facilities, recreation facilities, etc.

ADA Title III has minimum fines of no less than $4,000 per visit, meaning once reported a store can be reported an unlimited amount of times until the violation issue is fully resolved.

Note: states, counties and cities also have ADA Regulations.

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ADA Tax Credit

Qualifying businesses may be able to receive an ADA tax credit of up to 50% on purchases of the Blue-Lever™ mounting stand.  A qualifying business is one with less than $1,000,000 in revenue or fewer than 31 employees.
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Download IRS Form 8826 Disabled Access Credit.



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